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SANOVO PROCESS SOLUTIONS is partner with  DSM Food Specialties in selling a range of products to the egg processing industry; including enzymes, yeast and analyzing equipment.

Improved functionalities in egg products are very important factors in the world of egg processing. A lot can be achieved by using first class raw materials and state of the art processing equipment, but new inventions and the use of new processes and processing aids are today’s world within egg processing.

With SANOVO PROCESS SOLUTIONS and DSM Food Specialties you now have access to extensive know how about egg processing from the experts of SANOVO PROCESS SOLUTIONS and DSM Food Specialties.This partnership is focused on bringing leading edge technologies of both companies to the market including extensive process support and innovative processing enzymes.

SANOVO PROCESS SOLUTIONS exclusively represents DSM Food Specialties to the egg processing market. 



Thulevej 25-27
5210 Odense NV
Tel.: +45 66162832
E-mail: process@sanovogroup.com

World Egg Day is celebrated every year on the second Friday in October. On World Egg Day, events are held across the world celebrating the egg.

The Central America-based company Innovo has invested in SANOVO StreamLine to meet a growing demand for safe and high quality pasteurized egg products.

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