We are a supplier of spray drying systems and advanced heat treatment equipment

These product areas enable us to deliver versatile processing solutions for numerous different industries inclusive of animal and vegetable applications

We strive for a more sustainable future, that is why we take pride in optimizing your product’s end use possibilities and by doing so harnessing its full potential – whether it being animal by-products, fruits, plant proteins, dairy products, etc.

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"The demand for high quality proteins are increasing with the growing world population. We are committed to deliver the right processing equipment to meet this task"

Thomas Rubæk

Managing Director

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The horizontal box spray dryer is our core product

This type of spray dryer offers some unique benefits when compared to the vertical spray drying towers. Unlike the enormous vertical spray drying towers, horizontal spray dryers do not require tall buildings to surround them. Most times a horizontal spray drying plant will fit in already existing building thus reducing the cost of installation significantly.

Furthermore, the spray dryer has everything in a box, there are no external powder conveying ducts and makes use of nozzle atomizers which have a lower energy consumption than rotary atomizers.

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Improve pasteurization performance

Advanced heat treatment with WAVE TECHNOLOGY

The patented WAVE TECHNOLOGY, is a system that applies a high frequency / high voltage electrical fields to the liquid product which enables the product to be heat treated at an extremely high temperature while leaving the functional properties of the product unchanged.

The key to the WAVE TECHNOLOGY’s “super-killing rate” for bacteria combined with protein preservation lies in the use of a very fast heating system able to ensure a uniform heating in a very short time. The chosen technique is based on transferring an enormous quantity of energy to the product very rapidly.

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30 Years of Experience

Designing and manufacturing niche processing equipment is in our DNA. 

ISO 9001:2015 Certification and ATEX compliant

Continuous improvements and actions ensure high quality technologies every day. Complying health and safety regulations with the ATEX type-examination certificate

Dedicated employees 

Gathered from all over the world, we provide know-how and deliver the right service and solutions in close cooperation with you as a customer.

Food safety

High food safety standards are reflected in everything we do. All components are in compliance with regulations of food contact materials.

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