For the safety of your workers

Protect your people and prevent explosions with certified equipment! 

Every day we want to go to work feeling safe in our jobs. We expect our employers to create an environment in which we can thrive and get the best out of what we are capable of, without worrying about our own safety.

But how can producers act on that?

For powder producers, their own operator safety must be on top of the agenda. Protecting and potentially saving lives in production environments starts with choosing equipment that fulfills common legislations and standards for health and safety.

Powders are explosive

Powders are explosive

We take responsiblity

As an equipment manufacturer, we are taking responsibility for the design and construction safety of the equipment*, while our customers as equipment owners take responsibility for the operation safety of their users** by following the safety directives.

Only together and by following health and safety legislation we create safe environments for our people.

The dryer may only be used according to the manufacturer’s specifications for the actual dryer. Each dryer is optimized for the actual explosion safety data for the specified powder.

Our ATEX marking: II 1/3 D Ex h IIIB T150°C …250°C Da/Dc

*For equipment manufacturers: ATEX-directive 2014/34/EU
**For equipment users: 1999/92/EC


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