Extended shelf life while products maintain their functional properties

The innovative WAVE system invented by SANOVO enables a liquid feed and food products to be pasteurized at an extremely high temperature while leaving the functional properties of the product unchanged

With SANOVO WAVE TECHNOLOGY, a processor can achieve 10 times more bacterial inactivation compared to any other pasteurizer, with extremely low impact on functional properties. The SANOVO WAVE reduces the fouling in the plant. This allows an increase of the productivity and fewer C.I.P cycles, with strong benefits on the economic balances of the whole process. Furthermore, it is possible to pasteurize the product at higher temperatures, to have safer products, and longer shelf life.

Advanced Heat Treatment

Wave Technology
Wave Technology

Flow rates: 1,000 - 10,000 l/h

Small footprint

SANOVO’s patented WAVE Technology, is a system that applies a high frequency / high voltage electrical fields to the liquid product.

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