✓ Designed for small-scale

✓ Space-saving design

✓ High-quality powder

✓ Fast commissioning

Increase the quality of your final product

Increase the quality of your final product

Do you want to get started with powder production?

  • Enter a new industry
  • Produce high-quality powder
  • Achieve 99.9 % yield
  • Designed for plug & play
  • Save energy with 90 % heat recovery rate
  • Box format ensures a small footprint

Developed for small-scale producers 

We recognized the growing demand for a versatile solution that could accommodate the unique requirements of those who are looking to establish a business case with powder production and the ever-growing need for making new products.


Start small and let the solution grow with your business

The SGA 10 serves as a perfect entry point for those considering larger setups down the line. With a 50-liter/hr water evaporation capacity, its settings can be scaled up, providing a seamless transition to larger dryer configurations.

Seamless installation and highly energy-efficient 

Due to its box design, the SGA 10 can be seamlessly installed in an existing building, without the need for any costly reconstruction. Additionally, with a heat recovery rate of + 90 %, this Spray Dryer is among the most energy-efficient solutions for powder production on the market.

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"Not sure about the impact on your product? No problem. Our pilot plant is there for testing your specific product."

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The SGA 10


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