Spray Dryer

The only box dryer designed and manufactured in Europe

The SANOVO Gentle-Air box Spray Dryer can be used on a wide range of food or feed products ranging from animal by-product to plant proteins, among others. Producing a long-lasting shelf stable powder ingredient will bring more value and application opportunities when compared to unprocessed raw materials.

Various spray drying plant sizes are available with water evaporation capacity from 50 to 2500 kg/hour. This ensures suitability for new and innovative startup companies, as well as well-established larger powder producers.

A box dryer differs from Spray drying towers by being horizontal and box shaped and therefore it is generally more compact and can often be installed in an existing building.

Low CapEx, higher yield, nozzle atomization, easy operation and preserved product properties are just some of the unique product benefits of the SANOVO Gentle-Air box Spray Dryer. Learn more about features and benefits below or contact us for additional information.

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