Spray Drying of Plant Proteins

Pulses, grass, seeds, pot ale and others are ingredients which can add protein enrichment and nutritional benefits to food and feet products. With a growing demand for vegan products, plant protein powder is a ideal business opportunity. 

Plant proteins

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Protein footprint

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The SANOVO Gentle air box dryer

The horizontal box spray dryer is the core product of SANOVO TECHNOLOGY PROCESS. This type of spray dryer offers some unique benefits when compared to the vertical spray drying towers. Unlike the enormous vertical spray drying towers, horizontal spray dryers do not require tall buildings to surround them. Most times a horizontal spray drying plant will fit in already existing building thus reducing the cost of installation significantly. Furthermore, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY PROCESS' spray dryer makes use of nozzle atomizers which have a lower energy consumption than rotary atomizers. Read more about the benefits of the spray dryer.

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