Pasteurization and sterilization of sensitive food

✓ Proven results

✓ Based on Ohmic Technology

✓ Improved quality

✓ No denaturation

Increase the quality of your final product

Increase the quality of your final product

Are you looking to solve some of the following issues related to pasteurization and sterilization?

  • Preserve proteins and color
  • Lower energy consumption
  • HTST and UHT for liquid food
  • Cheaper and more stable alternative to steam infusion and injection
  • Built-in automatic cleaning and sterilization (CIP)
  • Keep the properties of the raw product


Lower the denaturation phenomenon of whey proteins in milk sterilization and pasteurization

One of the temperature sensible proteins in whole milk are whey proteins. When comparing the WAVE Technology with a standard process we see significant improvements in the final product.

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Optimize your heating process of fermented milk products

The pasteurization of fermented milk products is difficult due to the very weak condition of the proteins inside the acid dairy product. Thanks to the ohmic heater we have achieve good results without the addition of stabilizers. 

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Plant-Based Drinks

Preserve the taste, texture and color in your plant-based drinks 

We have seen amazing results in the sterilization process of e.g. oat, pea, soy, macadamia, rice, cashew and almond drinks. The taste, texture and color remains in the products, even after the high temperatures. 

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What is WAVE Technology and how does the process work?
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FAQ - WAVE Technology ☝️

The WAVE Technology is a standalone pasteurizing unit based on the ohmic heating principal. This is a principal that utilizes electricity for a fast and efficient heating of the media. In order to understand this principal clearly and the underlying benefits, I have to quickly touch upon the traditional way of pasteurizing of most liquid food products.

The principals of pasteurization of food products that we know today have been around for more than a century. 

You might already be familiar with it, but traditional pasteurizers often use tubular or plate heat exchangers, and the heating is passed to the liquid product through a hot surface. This is impacting fouling and reducing the efficiency. Due to this heating method the product is subjected to damage during the heat transfer and properties such as taste, flavor, texture, and natural functional features are compromised.

We also know that high temperatures often correlate with higher bacteria killing rates, however, with traditional pasteurization technology it comes with the cost of damaging the functional properties of the product.

And this is where the pasteurization on the WAVE Technology comes in.

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The technology is based on an ohmic heating principal. In simple terms, ohmic heating generates heat by the passage of electrical current through the liquid product, which resists the flow of electricity. All this takes place within just seconds.

The key benefit here is that the heating occurs fast and uniformly throughout the product mass.

Because of the fast and uniform heating, the liquid product is not exposed to high temperature over a longer time. Consequently, ohmic heating can be applied on heat-sensitive liquid products, like protein-rich food products that tend to denature and coagulate when heat-treated.


Apart from the benefits the WAVE provides to the liquid food product itself, the equipment itself is the result of smart engineering.

Starting with the heat transfer. This happens with such a high speed and uniformity, that the thermal treatment of the product becomes much less severe. One factor that ensures this is the choice of a thin tube technology.

Another unique feature compared to traditional pasteurizing is that the electrical field ensures way less scaling or burning on the heating surfaces. This is primarily because of the fast heat transfer, but also because the temperature between heating surface and product is very low.

All this also results in much longer operating time of the WAVE before it needs to be cleaned, compared to traditional pasteurization equipment.

So basically, pasteurizing with WAVE Technology expands possibilities in producing food products. For example, we have already seen very good effects on treating vegetable drinks, like oat and rice drinks, where producers achieved better taste, better visual appeal of the drink as no browning effect takes place compared to traditional pasteurization.

This results is that you would be able to sell a product of a higher quality and value for producers and ultimately the end customer.

We can therefore say with confidence that WAVE technology can enhance product quality (taste + visual appeal) for producers of vegetable drinks like soy, rice, almond or oat drinks.

But naturally, the WAVE Technology is also suitable for dairy producers. Here we have seen that heat treatment with WAVE can extend product shelf-life, including a better taste.

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